If you have any suggestions or discover any incorrect rule interpretations or other errors, please feel free to e-mail me at kevin at ebonterr dot com.
DIRECTIONS: Enter the total value for all numbers; the numbers don't feed off each other. For example, even if a character has a dex of 2 and an attack of +0, you'll still need to enter 2 into the attack field. The system will not add the 2 from the dex score you've entered.
When entering numbers, do not add a + sign in front. For example, enter 2 for dex, not +2.
Arena uses all a character's conviction (so only enter the amount you want to spend during one combat). Points are used in the following order: re-roll attack, surge, re-roll toughness, remove stun, then reduce damage to hurt (the same order as the fields appear). Note that "under" is not inclusive, meaning if you choose to re-roll values under 10, only values of 1 - 9 will be re-rolled. Currently the conviction system does not allow for re-rolling initiative or threats. While not difficult to add, those two cases didn't seem like they'd be common (or even uncommon) uses. If you want those two options added, please let me know.
When you run a single combat, you'll now find a comma separated list of numbers at the bottom. You can save those to send to me for debugging purposes. If there is anything in this field, the system assumes those are the dice rolls you will make.
Debug Rolls:
Reduce Tougness: , Max Hurts: , Max Wounds:
Click to run combat loops (about 1 second wait time per 1000 combat loops, 5 seconds per 1000 if using conviction)
Click to run a single combat with details
Base Defense
(no dodge/parry bonus)
Main Hand / 2 Handed
Crit Bonus
Crit Range
Attack with Off-hand
Crit Bonus
Crit Range
Re-roll Attacks Under
Re-roll Toughness Under
Remove Stun
Reduce Damage to Hurt
(House Rule)
Allow one offensive use
and one defensive use
per round (House Rule)

What's New?
Update 6 (2007/08/24)
Update 5 (2007/06/24)
Update 4 (2007/06/08)
Update 3 (2007/06/04)
Update 2 (2007/05/25)
Update 1 (2007/05/24)